Power bi Dashboard Intigration

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Power bi Dashboard Intigration
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What is Power Bi Odoo Integration?

Power BI ODOO Integration is module for your ODOO to view and access all the Power BI dashboards on ODOO itself.

Manage workspace of Power BI from your favourite ERP now. Add as much as and as little as dashboards you like.

All the Power BI report/dashboard features will work in Odoo view itself.

Manage organization-wise dashboards.

Feature Highlights


Instantly retrieve all Power BI dashboards from your Power BI service.


Supports all the Power BI workspace. 


Get rid of all the dashboards management cost you occur


Token based authentication and inbuilt Microsoft Security.


No additional permission setup for Odoo users.


Connect unlimited Power BI Dashboards. No limits.

Link --> https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/16.0/bi_dashboard_connecter/

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